5 Best Things To Do in St. Louis, MO

St. Louis has several attractions like monuments from multicultural backgrounds. In America, there are few cities which come close to St. Louis when it comes to attractions that you are going to enjoy. In this article, you will learn some of the interesting things you can do in this amazing town. You can learn about the different low level clouds name here!


Visit the Gateway Arch

t stands at a whooping 63 0ft tall and you can see it from any spot in the city and it holds the record of the highest man-made monument the United States. It acts as a constant reminder of the route that settlers preferred when migrating to the West.  The Gateway Arch is not only an outstanding architectural achievement but you’ll be able to have a bird’s view of the entire city as well as all its environs.

To get to the top, you’ll use a tram and this takes about four minutes. If you have visited the city on clear days, you can enjoy a view that goes as far as 30 miles all around you. To the west, there are various landmarks such as the old courthouse, Busch Stadium, Edward Jones Dome, and the Ballpark Village. To the east, you can clearly see the Mississippi River as well as all the bridges. You can spend all the time you need on the viewing deck and enjoy the fascinating view.


The Saint Louis art museum

This museum is at the Forest Park and the Fine Arts building which houses it was constructed in 1904. The museum was founded in 1879 when it had several plaster casts and electrotype reproductions. At the present moment, this museum is home to about 33,000 unique art collections coming from almost every continent and as old as five millennia. However, the available collections for display are changed every now and then but the management will always give preference to new and exciting works of art.

Recently, the museum received a gift from C.C Johnson Spink and it has 25 unique artwork from American artists as well as 200 rare arts from Asia. If you visit when the weather is great, you can have a picnic at the Forest Park and you will never forget this place.


Saint Louis Zoo

The zoo is located at One Gov. Drive and it was founded when a Flight cage was brought to be displayed during a world fair in 1904. Over the years, this Zoo continued to expand and now it has become a leading zoo and it is recognized for education, research and conservation efforts. This Zoo has various zones including Red Rocks which has big cats and antelopes, Lakeside Cross which is home to sea lions and stingrays, Monsanto Insectarium, and the Emerson Children Zoo. Inside the Zoo, there is the Zoo line Railroad which is a narrated tour that takes the visitors around the various attractions in this area.


Budweiser Brewery tours

Whether you are thirsty or just want to know more about the history of St. Louis, a tour at the Budweiser Brewery is interesting. This brewery is one of the largest and oldest breweries in St. Louis. The proximity to the mighty Mississippi River is the main reason why this site was chosen for building the brewery. In addition, there were several caves which served as a cold storage for the manufactured beer. To start the brewery visit, commence with a tour through the various processes of brewing; this will only take 45 minutes.

By the end of the brewery tour, you’ll be curious to participate in the food and beer sampling in the Biergarten.


The Grant’s farm

This is a family attraction that is quite fun to visit and it sits on 281 acres where the Busch family resides. They have maintained this firm and any visitor can get into the area and enjoy the sceneries. Before the civil war, the former American president S. Grant worked here hence the name of the farm. It’s quite rich in history and you will also find several attractive historic pieces here.

You’ll be amazed by the huge collection of wild and domesticated animals that call this place home. The 900 animals are drawn from 100 species including bison, deer, goats, camels, parakeets, and camels. In addition, you’ll also find elephants, tortoises, monkeys, wallabies, lemurs, swans, and ducks. When you get exhausted from the long tour, you can take a rest in the courtyard where you can also grab a drink and something to eat.